Fresh as a daisy

daisyMy favourite flowers have always been daisies. As a child I would weave them into a crown and wear them in my hair. I think every young girl has played the game daisy-petal-picking; he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me!

Click the daisy and see what happens.

I walked into Smart Set recently and saw this cute tank top with daisies on a black background. I can wear it with white for a fresh summer look or black bottoms for a more dramatic effect.

daisiesI chose yellow sandals and cross-shoulder purse; worn with my Elisa Cavaletti  shirt always makes me feel stylish and protects me from the sun, since I can’t wear sunscreen.


I love the crisscross straps on the back.


A meadow of daisies to dream …

meadow of daisies

 Floral prints are timeless, just like flowers;

always in style, always make me smile!

How many floral prints are in your closet?

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<3 carmen

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Cruisin’ on King Street Classic Car Show

Summertime is the time when vintage cars come out of hibernation to enjoy the sunshine and admiration of the crowds. Kitchener, Ontario hosts and boasts a fabulous annual car show that rallies people from near and far. The cars arrive at Victoria Park in the afternoon.

Crazy ’bout a Mercury!

51 Chevy

Although some signs say that you can’t even lean on the cars unless you’re in your birthday suit, the owner of this beauty was very kind and invited me to sit in the driver’s seat! Thank you for my first time ever in a Jaguar!

Baby, you can drive my car!

DSC00183 copy

Fun fun fun till her daddy took her T-bird away! Looks great even from behind!

DSC00200 copy

Downtown King Street is closed to traffic except for the parade of classic and rare cars.

DSC00224 copyI enjoy chatting with the enthusiastic owners. Check out the sparkling engine of this Corvette, it’s cleaner than my kitchen counter (which is really clean because I’m vegan and use Norwex cleaning products).

Don’t let life pass you by like a blue Corvette!

DSC00217 copy

Cars are parked on the street after the parade and the festivities go on till into the night: live bands, dancing and impersonators, like Elvis. I found a 1952 Chrysler, my birth year!

DSC00237 copy

Last time I was in Seattle, I enjoyed a visit to the fabulous LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington USA with Jeanofalltrades. Take a peek at the stunning collection!

Posters of the good old ’60s and I’m in my 60s now!

dsc08934What is your favourite classic car?

 What is you favourite song about a car?



Listen to Blue Corvette

Here are the Lyrics


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carmen cheeringThe atmosphere here was electric with excitement, and the game hadn’t even started!

What a game! I sat on the edge of my seat, my heart pounding:

Germany  – zero
Argentina – zero

Seven minutes to go …

Germany scores!!!

Prepared with our flags and air horn, we headed straight to the heart of our city Kitchener (formerly called Berlin), Ontario–a city settled by Germans over 200 years ago.

Every fan in Kitchener took to the streets; the black, red and gold colours were flying high! Every horn honking, every fan shouting, everyone smiling!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wore my Germany T-shirt which I bought on sale many years ago and have never worn it. Who knew that it was waiting for this moment in time and now has a special memory?

Did you watch the soccer game?

kiss me

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Dress Up – Dress Down: FLOWER POWER

When I saw this pretty chiffon blouse on Jean’s blog FLOWER POWER, I was so happy that she had bought it recently on eBay. I immediately ordered one too! I knew this would be a perfect top dressed up or dressed down, which I love doing to change the look of an outfit.

flower powerDressed up for a Garden Party I hosted for some of my lovely friends in June

floral blouse 1 floral blouse  2 floral blouse 3 floral blouse 4

Dressed down with my denim capris, casual for my dance class

back of blouse

floral blouse dressed downI love how it looks like a watercolor painting

I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it, it’s timeless: a touch of the 60s flower power and the ageless beauty of floral prints. I can wear it open over a tank top or buttoned up like Jean which I’ll try next time. A tip if you buy one – I ordered size medium and I am not big, I usually wear size small. I recommend going one size up.

Best find on eBay for only $7.99 + $3 for shipping.

Do you buy clothes on eBay?


Patti’s Visible Monday is where all the girls hang out!

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Screen-printed top from NYC

Black and white remains a popular favourite duo in my wardrobe and when I found this handmade screen-printed top at a Pop-Up Shop in NYC I bought one for me and another one for my daughter Jean. I love the whimsical design of delicate branches with tiny birds around the neckline and the romantic writing. Well, it looks like a love letter in Spanish to me! <3

screenprint sitting on stoolscreenprint pop-up shop

I’m looking forward to shopping again in NYC this summer.

Have you ever shopped at a Pop-Up Shop?


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Dundurn Castle

Ever since childhood, I was intrigued with castles. It seemed every fairytale had a castle: from Rapunzel’s lonely tower, to the grand ballroom where Cinderella first met her prince!

While living in Germany and Scotland I had the opportunity to visit real medieval castles; Neuschwanstein in Germany and Edinburgh Castle in Scotland are magical! I have a postcard collection of castles that keep me dreaming. Not that I’d actually want to live in one–too big to clean and I don’t have a maid or butler.


Neuschwanstein, Germany

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Here in Ontario we have Casa Loma in Toronto and Dundurn Castle in Hamilton. Although they aren’t actually castles where kings and queens once lived (both are now museums) they are magnificent mansions with interesting history and great places for day trips in Southern Ontario.

Dundurn Castle is a national historic site which gives us a glimpse of how a very wealthy family lived in Hamilton during the 19th century.  The mansion was completed in 1835 and it certainly impressed my grandson.

A magical day trip to Dundurn Castle

Castle Dundurn

Castle DundurnHave you ever been in a castle?


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red and white outfit for Canada Day

I’m wearing red and white for Canada Day. It’s been a lovely Canada Day weekend: going to  family-owned Barrie’s Asparagus Farm with friends, hosting a garden party and I’ll be out this afternoon for our traditional Pioneer Village outing with family.

Something old and something new. My red skirt has a white lacy print and handkerchief hemline. I’ve had it for several years.

red and white 2This fitted, sleeveless blouse is new, with tiny ruffles around the neckline and a lovely embroidered design. The row of nine buttons are tedious to do up, but I don’t mind, because I love the old-fashioned style with an updated look, so feminine!


I love red shoes; these sandals are made in Italy and I have the same pair in black.

red and white 3

Cedardale Farm Est. 1892 (Barrie’s Asparagus Farm) has a wonderful nostalgic feel of country living in the olden days. Take a step back in time where you are warmly welcomed with county-style hospitality.  It’s a great day trip for people living in driving distance to Kitchener, Ontario. If you live in Kitchener, you really should come (if you haven’t already)!

carmen on bench

To all my Canadian friends


To everyone else, have a delightful day!


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Flashback Friday – then and now

Then – 2005


One of the reasons I have so many clothes is that I keep everything; it’s hard to part with things because I still like them and they have sentimental value, memories of when I got them and where I’ve worn them. I still love my cherry-red peasant blouse and paired it with the same skirt for this photo shoot.

peasant blouse

Do you have clothes with sentimental value?


 I’m joining Patti’s fashion party at VISIBLE MONDAY

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Day Trippin’ – Stratford, Ontario

This post begins a series of fabulous places in Southern Ontario for taking day trips. There’s something fun about taking off in the morning, enjoying an adventure within driving distance and back in my own cozy bed at nightfall.

Stratford, Ontario – City of the Swan


Stratford, Ontario is named after Stratford-upon-Avon, England. This charming town in Southern Ontario is home of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, an annual festival that attracts theatre goers and tourists from near and far. There are four theatres in this small town.

The swan is the symbol of the city.


A stroll along the Avon River is a relaxing way to spend a pleasant afternoon. Paddle-boating and canoeing with the beautiful swans floating around is breathtaking!

 My cousin’s son and his fiance canoeing on the Avon.


Shopping is another reason I enjoy going to Stratford. So many quaint shops; so many lovely outfits. I bought a new silver necklace made in England; the links are hearts. My jacket is from Spanner, they always have great sales!

StratfordI tried on an Elisa Caveletti  shirt made in Italy but I didn’t buy it. I bought the polka dot capri leggings made in USA and wore them.

Elisa Caveletti

and a nice place to stop for a bite to eat at the Country Food Co. – delicious, nutritious vegetarian Rattatouille …


 Have you enjoyed a day trip recently?

the world is beautiful


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Turquoise and Amber Tie-dyed Boho-chic

In the 60s I made my own tie-dyed T-shirt. I thought tie-dyed clothes were very cool and artistic, mixing colours like an abstract painting.

I bought this outfit a few years ago and I usually wear it once a year. It’s great for dancing and garden parties. Blending turquoise and amber is a beautiful combination and I have a collection of turquoise and amber jewellery to choose from.

turquoise and amber

DSC00038 DSC00043The beauty of the lilacs are a feast for the eyes, and the sweet fragrance delights the senses. Just breathe …

DSC00050lilacsSummer will soon be here and you know what that means? We’re halfway to Christmas!


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