Time to hibernate … and call Maggie

I’m under the weather, taking time to rest and stay out of the cold. Thankfully, my dear friend and assistant, Maggie, can teach my classes while I recover and sip on echinacea tea with fresh squeezed lemon (vegetable soup is simmering). I’ll spend some time reminiscing of wonderful times we’ve shared.

For my dear and beautiful friend, Maggie!!

Maggie is elegant and I love her style. She has exquisite taste in everything from clothes to home decor! We both have a passion for fashion and enjoy shopping together. Whether it’s thrifting at local consignment shops and second-hand stores or shopping in Toronto, we always find something we like … and stop for a bite to eat at a sidewalk cafe, little coffee shops or vegetarian restaurants.

We also share the joy of dance together. Maggie is a beautiful dancer, with grace and poise, she encourages everyone to put in “feeling.” We never miss a chance to dance! Maggie has a dance studio in her house and we’ve spent many fun hours practicing dances for classes and workshops.

Gallery of some of our fun times together

I treasure your friendship and appreciate all your help in dance classes: assisting, teaching and taking my classes in my absence!!

I look forward to warm weather when we can sit outside and enjoy good times together!


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February Blahs

It’s been a long, bitter cold winter and there are days I just wish I could hibernate. However, getting outside in the fresh air and some sun whenever possible is not only energizing for the body, but it benefits our emotional well-being and helps lift us into a better mood.

February, here in Ontario, is still cold and crisp, but I’m lovin’ the sunshine and the days are getting noticeably longer. It may not feel like it, but Spring is on the way according to the calendar.

I’m shopping for spring clothes and that helps beat the February blahs. I’ve had my red coat from Banana Republic for several years and bought a houndstooth scarf this winter.

red coat 1

It’s a good thing February only has 28 days!

What do you do to beat the February blahs?

Visible Monday

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Dream House?

Not exactly. In fact, this is every home owner’s worst nightmare! I showed one of my friends the photos that I took during the house inspection and the next time I saw her, she told me she had a nightmare about this house! It is scary–a house of horror! It’s not just the derelict condition of the house, but it’s the large mushrooms growing on the ceiling and visible black mold throughout. Yep! This place has had a hole in the roof for years and has not been occupied for 9 years. Long story.

Money Pit?

You betcha!! It’ll take more than a little TLC for this dilapidated fixer-upper. It needs to be totally gutted and we don’t have enough money to tear it down and build a new house. This project would completely deplete my mad money account I’ve been saving. At least it would be for a good cause–a getaway right in my own backyard. Who knows how long it would take to make it habitable and where to live in the meantime?

So why would I buy it?

This house has the most spectacular view of the Grand River in Cambridge, Ontario. I am slightly completely obsessed with a river view! I lived a stone’s throw from here for two years. I loved waking up to the sounds of the geese in the morning and through the night, looking out my bedroom window to see deer wading in the river, swans floating peacefully, beavers swimming, herons and eagles flying, bunnies grazing on the grass. The first time I saw this view, I was mesmerized, it was like falling in love!

The sunrise was breathtaking and a reason to get up early, even for a night owl like me. The sunset was magical, but the full moon shining on the river was one of my favourite sights; right out of a romance novel.

All through the seasons, the view was magnificent: sparkling diamonds dancing on the river in the summer, autumn leaves turning gold and scarlet across the river in October, the white wonderland of ice and snow in the winter, and the blossoms of spring along the riverbank as new life comes to the river.

Take a peek …

The million dollar view …

Wildlife on the river …

Fashion on the river …


We will not be buying the house after all: it is rodent infested, the deadly black mold is through and through, it cannot be restored, it must be torn down.

I still miss the river, but I’m sure it’s for the best. Health is more import than a beautiful view. And had we taken this on, it would have been financial ruin.

Would you buy a house like this?

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Fashion shows, birthdays and valentines, oh my!

February is a fun month for me! It kicked off with a fabulous fashion show at the Total Woman Show. Audrey Wilson of Gemini Models is not only stunning, but she has charisma, and is gracious and all heart! This year’s winner of the Most Total Woman over 40 search goes to the elegant Sherry (age 43). I think her husband was more thrilled, as he hopped up on the stage and gave her a loving embrace, you’d think he had just won a million dollars! Well, he can certainly be proud of his beautiful wife!

Sherry and Audrey

It was great being together again. We are family!

6 of 10

I modeled for Northern Reflections,  Just for You Lingerie and Sears. Love those yellow pants – I’m not a faded BF jeans girl, I want those yellow pants!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had my birthday this week and Jean posted this on my FB.


The photo above is from the Saturday show and the one below is from Sunday.

back of hair

I love hearts and I always have, perhaps that’s because I was born in February and I am a hopeless romantic and very sentimental! I keep all my cards and letters that I’ve received over the years. Here’s one from my mom, she always made me feel loved and special.

What I’m wearing for Valentine’s Day.

heart top

heart top 2

I have a collection of heart necklaces, earrings and rings. I’d rather have fashion jewellery than diamonds!

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!

My love to you


And Happy Birthday to all my February friends!!!

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One more sleep till the fashion shows. This weekend I have another opportunity to model clothes for three stores at the annual Total Woman Show. One of them is Just for You Lingerie, owner Janice Welch has a lovely collection of intimate apparel and knows how to fit every woman perfectly for a bra that fits and feels good!

Just for You Lingerie Shop

pink lace braHere’s a sneak peek preview of one of the outfits I’ll be wearing. I never imagined myself modeling a bra and lingerie in my 60s! Oh my! – I’m blushing!! It’s a women’s fashion show so there won’t be any men there, right? Well, it’s not much different than wearing a bikini. Would you wear a bra in a fashion show or post a pic on your blog?

Farida (age 44) and I were finalists of the 2013 Most Fabulous Women Over 40 Model Search. We went shopping together yesterday to try on outfits for this years fashion shows. I was given this pretty pink lace bra to wear with these comfy jammies.

Last year I wore a silky little black negligee with an elegant kimono from La Femme Privee.

Northern Reflections is one of the stores we’re modeling for.

Farida and carmen

Come see what all the fashionable ladies are wearing at Patti’s

Have a fashionable weekend!!

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Turn on the brights!

I’ve been noticing my wardrobe shifting to neutral shades of black, gray and beige over the years. While these non-colours are good to have in our collection, we should be careful not to let our wardrobes go bland and dull. Apparently, older women have a lot of neutrals and that can get boring and predictable.

Time to turn on the brights: wild and flashy! I’ve started buying more colourful clothes again and even colours I’ve never worn before. I wear fuchsia, purple, turquoise, bright yellow, orange or a mixture of vivid colours. I bought these leggings recently for $5. and this photo was taken today by one of my dance students. My turquoise Covered Perfectly top is a great match.

turquoise and south west coloursturquoise necklace

I still tend to wear a lot of neutrals, even though I love colours. Pops of colour is a great way to brighten things up.

There are several easy, fun ways to add colour: bold and bright necklaces, outstanding arm candy, colourful scarves, purses, belts, tights and shoes.

As a teenager, I wore (and sewed) many of my own outfits: bell-bottoms and mini skirts with bright flowers, inspired by Cher. Those were the days of flower power, psychedelic paisley and groovy prints. I was a fashionable hippie, no tattered, frayed jeans for me; I wore farout, crazy clothes! LOVED IT!!

paisley and red belt

New York City 2013 – paisley and red accessories

Then I got into a period of solid colours, lots of neutrals, hardly any prints or patterns in my wardrobe. Now I’m old enough to go to crazy again and I’m buying funky designs, wild animal prints and bright colours. LOVIN’ IT!!!

purple coat

purple coat

Despite winter, I will not be stuck in a rut with only black coats and brown trousers, gray skirts and beige cardigans. God made the rainbow for us to enjoy the spectrum of glorious colours!!

What colours are you wearing this winter?

Turn on the  B R I G H T S

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Bad Hair Day

A bad hair day makes a good hat day! I love hats and I have so many lovely hats, but don’t wear them often enough. I bought this black crocheted hat in California.

Black crocheted hat

I haven’t seen this much snow in my life and the weather has been bitter cold. Don’t let the sun and my smile fool you, it’s freezing!! The house in the background is not mine. It’s for sale and I had a peak inside. It was originally a general store, built ca. 1850 and converted to a house. Inside has been completely renovated to a beautiful open concept living room/dining room and modern kitchen, and spa-like bathrooms, yet keeping some of the character of the house: wooden beams and original wooden plank floors.

bitter coldDays like these I go from the house to the car (just a 15 sec. photo shoot nearly froze my nose and toes) and from the car to wherever I’m going–in this case the mall and then dinner out.

My top is from Covered Perfectly. I’ve started a collection ever since my first one.

black and white leggings 1

I was so excited to find these black and white leggings recently at Suzy Shier …

black and white leggings

because I saw them in Costa Rica last year but didn’t buy them, later regretted it. I even took a photo of them in the store window in Costa Rica! I bought the high low dress you see in this photo and featured it in a post when I got back from Costa Rica.

leggings in window

Have you ever passed up on something and later regretted it?


Here’s the view from my kitchen window and the front porch, taken today, January 27, 2014.

Have a safe and happy week! If it’s cold, stay warm; if it’s hot stay cool! And if it’s just right – enjoy!

See what all the fashionistas are wearing at Patti’s Visible Monday!!

Visible Monday

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