NYC and all that Jazzzz

I’m still flying high from my New York City adventure this summer.

Just walking by the Apollo in Harlem was exciting, knowing the history of this place. The legendary Ella Fitzgerald–my favourite jazz singer (one of her great songs At Last) began her career there performing on Amateur Night.


The sights and sounds are still vivid and playing in my mind. Spending time in the National Jazz Museum was inspirational.

What we wore …

Going to the Blue Note Jazz Club with Jean to listen to a talented up-and-coming Jazz singer (her scatting was phenomenal and I loved her choice of songs) with a fantastic jazz band was a musical highlight of our trip.

What we wore …

I was overjoyed to see one of Shakespeare’s earliest plays, Comedy of Errors–a delightful and witty play; the acting was superb. We enjoyed drinks at Dear Irving after the play, fabulous ambiance.

What we wore …

Summerstage was a great opportunity to watch two fantastic dance shows: one in Central Park and the other in Harlem. These shows are free and people can simply donate what they can afford.


What a unique manhole shaped like a honeycomb. Have you ever seen one like this? No I’m not wearing different colour nail polish on my toes–one foot is Jean’s and the other is mine, we have the same shoes but didn’t plan that.


 Wishing you all a fabulous Friday!




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Time to say goodbye

Today is the first day of autumn and time to say goodbye to the summer of 2014.

Summertime means garden parties; gathering with family and friends to enjoy the warm summer days and pleasant evenings. I’m posting outfits I’ve wore at garden parties.

garden party

I hosted a garden party in June.

Fruit is so refreshing anytime but at garden parties it’s a feast for the eyes to see a platter of delicious fruit in all colours and flavours. There’s lots more savoury vegan dishes to satisfy everyone’s taste buds and tummies.

fancy fruit platter

Susan’s annual garden party is always fun with dancing in the back yard. I wore my favourite sundress. Do you see the butterfly on my shoulder?

My son has a friend who invited us to a pond party; a very exclusive community in our city has a private pond (spring fed) that they share.


I wore my new daisy lace skirt I bought in NYC (made in USA) to a very special birthday party for my granddaughter in August at Victoria Park gardens.

daisy lace skirtdaisy lace skirt 2

My Elisa Cavaletti is so versatile, I’ve never regretted buying it. Our neighbours had a Patio Party and I wore my black and white tunic.

This garden party had a lovely man-made pond.

by the pond

goodbye summer

Leave room in the garden to dance!


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Biking the lovely trails of Southern Ontario

my grandsonmThe bike and hiking trails are endless; walks through forests and along the river paths are plentiful. Conservation areas and inner-city parks are within driving distance of anywhere. I love nature and enjoy the serene beauty of the scenery: from simple forest paths to grand mountain trails. (No mountains in our neck of the woods, but I have gone wandering in the mountains in Germany and Austria, and the rolling hills of Scotland.)

My grandson showed me a trail (in Cambridge, Ontario) meandering through forests, over streams on little bridges and going under the largest highway in Ontario (401).  We enjoyed a bike ride along this beautiful, peaceful path. It’s good to get off the beaten track, travel a road less crowded.

My orange folding bike–made in Germany–is so practical, I can fold it in half and throw it in my little blue VW Beetle.

There’s no air fresher than in the forest, the fragrance of cedar and pine is intoxicating!

my orange bikeI’m wearing my pink polka dot capris, very practical for biking. We used to call them pedal-pushers because they are perfect for biking; they can’t get caught in the chain when you ride a bike.  I bought two pair, my other ones are gray polka dots.

my orange bike 2

… my boys

my son and grandson

Can you spot the turtle?


The sky was a magical sight!


Do you own a bike?

What adventures do you enjoy?

Have a fabulous weekend.

Keep active, be happy!

Stay safe especially if you are going mountain climbing!


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Langdon Hall – a luxurious day trip or weekend getaway

Langdon Hall (1898) is just a five minute drive from where I live, but if you are an hour or so away from Cambridge, Ontario, this is a lovely place to go for a day trip. If you live further away it’s a luxurious overnight or weekend getaway.

My dear friend Janet (passed away in 2007, only 55 years old) was my kindred-spirit sister. We were the same age and said we were twin sisters born from different mothers. It was Janet who introduced me to Langdon Hall. Over the years I have been there several times for high tea with a friend or a group of friends.


We’ve enjoyed some sunny warm September days; it’s still summer till the 23rd and I refuse to wear autumn clothes yet. My dear friend Maggie and I had a ladies’ afternoon and relaxed on the deck sipping our drinks and having a pleasant conversation.

MaggieMaggie is always stylish, I just love her outfit: beautiful net top (Spanner) with white crop pants. I’m glad I bought this dress in spring, made by a local seamstress. I wore it in NYC in August. It’s my go-to sundress, and you’ll see it once more before I put my summer clothes away.

Maggie and carmen

The grounds are meticulously kept and it feels like the garden of a Gatsby movie.

Langdon Hall garden

This grand estate was the summer place of an extremely wealthy family over 100 years ago. Today it is the exquisite Langdon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa (since 1989).

Day trips make lovely memories!

Have a wonderful week!

♥ carmen

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The Canadian National Exhibition

The CNE or EX in Toronto (since 1879) is Canada’s largest annual fair; a family tradition that started when my grandmother took me there as a child. Toronto is a great day trip from where I live, only an hour away. This year I tagged along with my youngest son and his wife. The CNE is the place my daughter Jean took her first bungee jump in the 1990s, so many happy memories.

It was exciting watching the ZipLine. Would you do this?

I’m not into roller coasters and midway rides anymore, but I like the atmosphere for a day … and the shopping!


I wore my new pajama-style pants I bought at Macy’s in NYC. I have about a half dozen skinny jeans, but I’m really loving the comfort of loose, silky-soft pants.

pajama-style pants 1That said, you’ll never see me in frumpy gray jogging pants or flannel. They have to be stylish! This black and white tribal print is one of my favouites.

CNE 2CNE My new black top from H&M in NYC, the unique lace detail got my attention right away. Jean bought one too. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more in different colours. It was only $10.

top from H & M

I’m deciding which scarf to buy for my scarf collection.

scarf 1 This is the one I chose.

scarf 2There’s great entertainment and interesting people to meet like the amazing Daryl Maddeaux who can balance rocks on rocks, no glue! Cool rock towers!

Daryl Maddeaux

Have you been to a fair this summer?

♥ carmen

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NYC 9/11 Memorial

Today I dedicate this post in memory of those who died, and the family and friends of all who suffered this incredible loss.

Photo by Jean

Photo by Jean

photo by Jean

photo by Jean

After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge this summer, we walked to the Freedom Tower and the 9/11 Memorial.

photo by Jean

photo by Jean

A tragedy beyond words, very emotional moment.

911 memorial


The terror of watching this horrific event live on television as the second tower collapsed right before my eyes 13 years ago still haunts me. Never forget.

never forget

The world is such a beautiful place; yet there are so many evil people who spoil it for those who wish to live in peace.

I pray for peace.

Peace in our hearts.

Peace in our homes.

Peace in our lands.

Peace in our world.

with love ♥ carmen

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Fabulous After 40 – Neon Rainbow – What I Wore

It’s a pleasure to be featured again in one of the world’s most fashionable eMagazines for women over 40! Here we are, three fashion bloggers – wearing bold and beautiful colours! Click Fabulous After 40 to go to the article and read more.


Color makes you look alive, and if you are wearing neon, electric! Take a look at how these over 40 style bloggers rock this summer’s neon trend.

Neon with an Urban Vibe

Carmen is a 50+ style blogger who wanted an outfit that would do double for her trip to New York City. It had to be casual but a little trendy, and  it had to be versatile enough to  style a few different ways. These neon yellow jeans and t-shirt worn with a black vest and shoes fit the bill.

This is a look with stand-out style. It’s got a cool, urban vibe and she can mix and match pieces, which means it helps to cut down on her packing.


Elegant Neon

Today’s neon looks are a far cry from the neon punk rock looks of the 80s.  Neon can be unexpectedly elegant and classy.

Annette proves that in this striking, neon orange wrap dress that works well with her warm skin tone. Subtle accessories and nude shoes balance out the strong hue. To see more of  Annette’s elegant personal style check out her blog Lady of Style.


Creative Neon

If you aren’t ready to dive into neon, you can get your feet wet slowly by adding a neon accessory to a neutral outfit. In this case Trina has gone one step further and paired some funky, acid yellow heels with bright, cobalt blue pants for a look that is creative and dramatic. If neon shoes are not your style, you might try a bag or scarf in a neon shade. To see more of Trina’s fun and colorful style visit her blog Tea Time with Trina.


Thanks, ladies, for brightening up the week in these electrifying colors. If you want to know more about how to incorporate the neon trend into your wardrobe, you can read my post on the Do’s and Don’ts for Wearing Neon.

 Have a fashionable weekend!

♥ carmen

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The Metropolital Art Museum in NYC

Art enriches our lives. The imagination and artistic expression of human beings fascinates me.

This really sets us apart from animals, although being sentient beings, they do not possess the ability to design or create (other than functional dwelling places, such as nests, beaver dams etc.) for the sake of beauty and musings.

Walking through the huge doors and entering the great hall of the Met was magical; I felt the electricity of this colossal collection of art, a treasure house! Where to start? Every direction led to the treasures.

Can you find me?

where is carmen

Claude Monet is one of my favourite artists. I love sunflowers almost as much as daisies! I wore my new Monet T-shirt that I bought at the Met gift shop. Did you know Monet painted T-shirts? I don’t think mine is an original, I think this one is a copy. They match my neon yellow skinnies, so I have really made good use of them worn with various tops.

Monet sunflowers

Here are a few of the thousands of photos I took. It was overwhelming! I suppose I could do a whole blog on New York City. ;-)

Enjoying the beauty of the rotunda; the whole experience is so aesthetic and visually stimulating.

DSC00288 DSC00291 DSC00279

Meeting interesting people who appreciate art is always a pleasure.


carmenI met a charming family and asked if I could take their photo.

charming family

Only human beings wear clothes, I find that fascinating. We are created very uniquely, in the image of God, with the ability to create. The human imagination is truly wondrous and amazing! I appreciate people sharing their God-given talents, making the world a more beautiful place!

I see us, the animals and the earth as His art and design. What people do is an extension of that creativity! Creation-not destruction.

Make a wish, but you may have to wait for your wish to be granted because there’s a line-up and it seems a lot of people are waiting for their wishes to come true!

fountainilovenyP.S. For Joni and anyone interested in purchasing an original T-shirt, here’s the selection …

 Check out the lovely ladies at Patti’s VISIBLE MONDAY

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Strolling through the park one day …

I spent the first two weeks of August in NYC and enjoyed Central Park and several other parks; pure pleasure!! There’s something that refreshes the soul just strolling through a park. Time to breathe.

Central Park

There’s always a bench along the way for relaxing.

Central Park bench

Meandering through Central Park in Manhattan, you’d never know you were in NYC. This park is enormous and reminds me of Northern Ontario, with rocky hills, ponds with turtles, so it’s easy to forget that it’s surrounded by one of the largest cities in the world.

Central Park NYC on the rocks

Of course Northern Ontario doesn’t have a castle. The historic Belvedere Castle is a grand sight and a great lookout point in Central Park, built in 1869.

Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle NYCRomeo and Juliet in Central Park.

Romeo and JulietMorningside Park, situated on the rocky hills between Harlem and Morningside Heights, was once extremely dangerous. No signs of that now, but apparently, in 1935 the New York Times reported that there was a sign posted in the Teachers College of Columbia University informing students “it is not safe to enter Morningside Park at any time of the day or night.” The natural geography of a rocky cliff, a myriad of trees and a pond is home to turtles and Canada geese (they don’t read signs). It was fun to watch these two “turtledoves” doing their mating dance. ;-)

turtle pond

Steps help the explorers go up and down the steep terrain.

steps in Morningside ParkDSC00436 DSC00431 DSC00433

It started to sprinkle, we were prepared with our fashionable umbrellas.


Jean’s is black and white houndstooth and I have my new one I bought at Marimekko in NYC.


We enjoyed a vegan picnic in Madison Park in the heart of downtown Manhattan. You never know what you’ll see in the park in NYC. (That’s not me folks!)

sunbather in Madison Park

The High Line is an elevated linear park, an abandoned railroad by the Hudson River; a slice of nature between the concrete and river.

view of the Hudson River from the High Line

A walk in the park does a body good.


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The Brooklyn Flea Market

I’m in Connecticut now but I haven’t finished my NYC posts so more about Connecticut later.

On our way to the Brooklyn Flea market, Jean and I  stopped for a photo at the same spot as last year.

Jean and me

There’s always interesting backdrops.

AudreyJean Brooklyn

Last year Jean spotted Bill Murray buying a carpet at the flea market and I had a picture taken with him. He’s a funny guy and very friendly. This year we focused on finding little treasures and I bought a necklace that I wanted to buy last year.

IMG_6589 and a pair of fancy lacy palazzo pants that I’ll post when I wear them, I haven’t worn them yet.

IMG_6579 All that walking and shopping made us hungry so we left the flea market …

Jean and me

and enjoyed lunch at vegan diner CHAMPS

Check out Jean’s post about Brooklyn for a great perspective with a surprise ending!

Have a wonderful week!


I’m linking up with all the fashionistas at Patti’s

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