Happy Easter!!

My father’s aunt gave this little bunny to my oldest son when he was eight years old; the bunny is now part of my bunny collection.

Happy Easter

I will be dancing at three churches this weekend.

  • A Seder meal in Stratford, Ontario on Saturday, where we will do an Israeli dance.
  • A celebration dance on Easter morning.
  • A praise dance about the Resurrection in the evening.



Good Friday

John 3:16

with love,



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The Bee’s Knees

Bees have a great sense of colour coordination. I love how they pair black and yellow. It’s a hot colour combo this spring and I’m lovin’ it!! So sunny and cheerful. Black and yellow is the bee’s knees. (A phrase that long ago used to mean something very tiny, but in the 20th century took on a whole new meaning of being something outstanding and fantastic. “That outfit is the bee’s knees.)

black and yellow

I did some modeling for Sears this winter, but unfortunately, I didn’t get to wear these yellow skinny jeans, so in February I bought my first spring outfit (I was anxious to get started).



I had to take these photos inside because it’s not warm enough yet to go sleeveless and wear sandals, but I’m rehearsing for spring weather.

The Queen Bee?

Sears spring outfit

When life hands you a lemon …


Actually, my son handed me this lemon which he brought back from Trinidad. WOW!! Have you ever seen one this BIG?

lemon from Trinidad

Now all I need is warm weather.

What colours are you wearing this spring?


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Memories of the River

It’s been two years since I lived on the river with a spectacular view of the Grand River    from my windows and balcony, and a serene path meandering along the river bank. From misty mornings, sunny afternoons and quiet summer evenings, watching eagles fly and deer wading in the water, enjoying the ever-changing view through all the seasons, It always took my breath away!

Grand River

Nature in the back yard so quiet (except for the geese), you’d never know the city in the front was bustling with traffic only a few blocks away. I loved strolling on the trail and so did my family and friends who came to visit.

I’m feeling a little blue, but I love shades of blue. It’s really a happy, tranquil colour; the colour of the sky and reflection on the water. My long, semi-sheer shirt is from Hollister that I sometimes wear as a light, little jacket.

Grand River 2

 Patti is wearing Happy Blues for Visible Monday!


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What’s old is new

What’s old in someone else’s closet and being donated to a thrift store or being taken to a consignment shop, is new for me! My daughter Jean is a thrifting specialist and she inherited this talent from her dad. Here’s a collection of recent additions to my wardrobe.

Parsley and Sage tapestry jacket with a colourful cool cats design $10.00

Parsley and Sage jacket 2 Parsley and Sage jacketMy husband is Scottish and loves a bargain. He’s an expert at finding treasures in thrift shops. It takes time and patience to sort through the rows and rows of racks, but he has an eye for unique items and manages to spot top quality clothes–many made in the USA, including designer clothes that cost a fraction of the original price.

Black and white op art jacket Canadian made from Le Chateau $8.00

Le Chateau jacket Le Chateau jacket 2

Lately, he’s been bringing home a jacket every week. This red double-breasted blazer is from Jacob $15.00. It’s a jacket version of my red winter coat from Banana Republic $300. (Shhhhh! Don’t tell hubby!)

Jacob jacket 2 Jacob jacketThis black crushed velvet blazer is by Laura $6.00  I’m wearing my pretty pink ruffled scarf and pink lace top with it. Black velvet and pink is one of my favourite combinations because my mom’s favourite colour was pink and she loved black velvet, she also had a beauty salon with a black and pink colour scheme.

Laura crushed velvet jacket Laura crushed velvet jacket 2

Sifting through it all can be daunting, but also fun like a treasure hunt; the thrill of finding that unique piece that fits like it was made for you! This one has a velvet floral pattern, made in USA. Equestrian Designs, Santa Barbara, California for only $2.50. My colourful animal print scarf is from my friend Maggie, she has exquisite taste and I love scarves!!

Santa Barbara California jacket 2 Santa Barbara California jacket

Oh, and he doesn’t want you to think he’s a cheapskate, so he asked me to include this new velour leopard jacket which he bought for me recently at Sears. (Of course, he got it on sale!!) I love leopard!! But only prints–fashion with compassion! I don’t wear real fur.

Sears leopard jacket Sears leopard jacket 2 Sears leopard jacket 3Do you shop at thrift shops? Find any treasures lately?

Need some helpful tips?

Check out these two bloggers with great advice for thrifting!

Jean Suzanne


 My dear friend Maggie doesn’t have a blog but she is a thrift specialist too, so I’m giving her the golden seal of thrifting as well!



See what Patti and all the fashionable ladies are wearing!!

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Then and Now

Back in the 60s I had a cute little mini dress which I wore with black riding-style boots. My daughter Jean submitted this photo a couple of years ago to My Mom the Style Icon. It had two little pockets. I don’t know what happened to the dress, but the boots eventually wore out.

carmen 1968

I was so happy to find a similar mini dress in a jumper style that I wear with similar vegan black boots. I wore it today to go to ballroom dance lessons with my friend Maggie.

carmen 2014

mini dress

I think mini skirts are not supposed to be worn by women over a certain age, but I don’t pay attention to that. If I like it–I wear it! Fashion is fun! Wear what makes you happy!

What about you? Do you wear minis?


Visible Monday

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Is it spring yet?

I envy my daughter Jean who is enjoying spring weather in Seattle, but we here in Ontario are covered in ice and snow so deep, you can come out in the morning and not find your car!! Spring arrives next week … really? I don’t think so.


While some bloggers are showing off their lovely apparel in their back yards and sunny outdoor locations, the rest of us would be blown away by a chilly wind!

I’m lovin’ houndstooth in everything from scarves to shoes! Here’s Jean with her chic houndstooth jacket ready for spring.

JeanHere I am today in my double-breasted, empire waist houndstooth coat and knee-high boots. It’s sunny enough to need sunglasses, but blistery cold!

houndstooth coat

Yesterday we had yet another snow storm …


The snowbanks are taller than I am …


Our bistro table is on the front lawn. This photo was taken before Christmas. It’s nowhere to be seen now, shows you how much snow we have.

bistro table

Some neighbours find creative ways of what to do with all this snow and build artistic statues like they have on Easter Island. Snowmen can get boring …

easter island statues

I just love it when wild turkeys wander by behind our house, which backs on to a beautiful forest.

wild turkeys wild turkeys 2

Time to put on my snowshoes to go for a walk in the woods.


Can’t wait till I can wear a houndstooth skirt without a coat, and find these shoes somewhere when spring arrives.houndstooth skirthoundstooth shoes

Are you ready for spring?


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California Dreaming …

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell

I’ve been to California five times in my life, the first time was in 1968 with my mother, brother and boyfriend. Those were groovy days, flower power and hippie-style: from my long straight hair with a part down the middle influenced by Joni Mitchell, down to my far out, floral bell-bottoms inspired by Cher. I was a very fashionable hippie; no dirty, torn blue jeans for this flower child.

California was a hot spot in the 60s, even the Beverly Hillbillies moved to L.A.

My friend Celeste has inspired me to start dreaming again.

california dreaming

jean-at-2In 1974 my husband and I drove across the map to California with friends and our little three-year-old daughter, Jean. Escaping the winter for even a couple of weeks to have fun on the beach and enjoy Disneyland was worth the long drive out west.

We visited Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, it was ringing with praise songs which had a great influence on contemporary Christian music. We were new Christians and this was a blessed time!!

Traveling always imprints lasting memories for me, even without photographs, the pictures are vivid in my mind.

On our vacation in 2006, we met up with Jean for her romantic wedding on Long Beach with her charming husband. We toured the coast of California along the Pacific Coast Highway down to San Diego, my first time that far south in California. We stayed at a hotel in Huntington Beach with a view of the Pacific Ocean. I can’t believe people actually get to live there!

wedding day

When I received a scholarship to a dance camp in Stockton (near San Francisco) I jumped at the opportunity. As a dance instructor, I got to teach a dance at the camp and met some lovely people from all over the world!

Why not take a detour on the way to Seattle to visit Jean, and meet up with my cousin Marion in San Francisco? She suggested we take a tour on a Hop-on Hop-off open top double-decker bus to enjoy the sights. Fabulous idea and we stopped to get off wherever we wanted to.

I left my ♥ in San Francisco!

I’m making a list of friends and family in California, so I hope to see you all next time I’m coming your way!

The only thing better than visiting California is living there!

To all you Californians – enjoy it!!


Visible Monday

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