The Brooklyn Flea Market

I’m in Connecticut now but I haven’t finished my NYC posts so more about Connecticut later.

On our way to the Brooklyn Flea market, Jean and I  stopped for a photo at the same spot as last year.

Jean and me

There’s always interesting backdrops.

AudreyJean Brooklyn

Last year Jean spotted Bill Murray buying a carpet at the flea market and I had a picture taken with him. He’s a funny guy and very friendly. This year we focused on finding little treasures and I bought a necklace that I wanted to buy last year.

IMG_6589 and a pair of fancy lacy palazzo pants that I’ll post when I wear them, I haven’t worn them yet.

IMG_6579 All that walking and shopping made us hungry so we left the flea market …

Jean and me

and enjoyed lunch at vegan diner CHAMPS

Check out Jean’s post about Brooklyn for a great perspective with a surprise ending!

Have a wonderful week!


I’m linking up with all the fashionistas at Patti’s

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Life is a Stage

The sidewalk is our runway and the world is our photo studio.

Fashion AvenueThe Empire State Building is a magnificent backdrop.

sidewalk of NYCMacy’s old wooden escalator takes me back in time.

Macy's escalator sidewalk in NYC The High Line is a fantastic elevated linear park along an abandoned old railroad: a great view of the city and the Hudson River while enjoying nature.

High LineTime for Intermission, a lovely spot to take a break.

High LineDoors of Manhattan make perfect backdrops.

Park AvenueI bought a new houndstooth dress in NYC.

houndstooth dressDVF Flagship storeWe are all thespians on the stage of life. Sometimes we choose our parts and sometimes they are chosen for us. We can audition, but the Cast Director will often decide the part we play. For example: if someone can’t sing, they will not get a singing part. This play in life has lots of comedy and laughs, but sometimes drama with very tragic scenes, because this play is for real.

What part do you play?

I hope you are enjoying your role in this play!


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The Seed NYC

When Jean told me about this vegan event that would take place in NYC while we are here on vacation, I was elated! It was fun having my picture taken on the red carpet in my new palazzo pants that I bought at Spanner before my flight to NYC.

The SeedIt was wonderful to meet so many compassionate people today at the Seed–the third year of this fabulous event.

We tasted a variety of delicious and nutritious vegan food.


Jean bought a beautiful purse from GUNAS 100% animal-free, eco-friendly, sweat-shop free.


Jenny Brown (author of The Lucky Ones) was one of several knowledgeable speakers on this topic, she focused on animal cruelty and what goes on behind closed doors. Some speakers focus on health and some on the environment.

Jenny Brown and meThe Lucky Ones

more food and info …

on the street …

On the way to the subway, I stopped to have my photo taken with Audrey.

Audrey and meThese feet have walked for miles and miles all through the streets of Manhattan …

my feet


Lots more fashions to see at Patti’s

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The Catwalk – Mom’s birthday

My stylish mom modeling a red velvet dress with detachable sleeves 1950s

LoraBoth my mom and daughter took modeling courses. Both of them have influenced my style.

JeanMy daughter Jean (left) wearing my mom’s DVF wrap dress from the 70s. Click the photo for the full story of Jean meeting Diane Von Furstenberg.

I have always dreamed of modelling and walking the Catwalk but never had the opportunity or perhaps, not even the confidence.

By age 60, I thought this dream would elude me, but here I am at 62 with opportunities to model clothes on the catwalk and magazines; my mom would be so proud–I think of her on her birthday today!


I dedicated this fashion opportunity to my dear mom …

la-cremeAn opportunity to model my mom’s DVF dress on my blog.

DVF wrap dress

Jean and I are in NYC enjoying a fashionable vacation.

DVF Flagship store

I’m more like my mom every day.

I love you mom ♥

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Summer in the City

Summer in New York City!

On our way to get our pedicures, Jean and I had to take a detour because the police blocked two blocks of the street; turned out to be a bomb scare but it was a false alarm.

NYPDAfter being pampered with a pedicure, it’s time to take the subway.

NYC subway

Next stop–downtown Manhattan.

toes in ManhattanSome fun shopping and sightseeing.

Jean and me by orange doorJean by orange doorme by orange doorI bought this yellow and black set at Sears in the spring and planned to take it to NYC because I can style it four different ways for four looks. That’s important when I travel so I don’t have to pack as much.

black and yellow outfitWalking and shopping makes one hungry so we headed over to Peacefood Cafe for a dee-lish-ee-OH-so vegan dinner!

You never know who you’re gonna run into in NYC, last time Bill Murray and this time the world famous GRUMPY CAT!

grumpy catAnd to end a lovely day I met two fashionable ladies at the sidewalk restaurant of Chocolat.

fashionable ladies


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What’s black and white and red all over?

nytActually, this riddle is best spoken …

What’s black and white and READ all over? A newspaper!

I’m in NYC again with Jeanofalltrades, wearing my “newspaper” sundress.

sundressGreat to be back in the Big Apple–black and white and RED apple!

apple 1

apple 2apple 3Harlem Tavern is just around the corner from where we’re staying. The night life in NYC is dazzling like a neon sign!

Harlem Tavern


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Shopping is cheaper than therapy

shopping is cheaper than therapyBesides it being a fun hobby, shopping is a type of therapy. I love shopping anywhere. I love keeping people employed, be it in small shops or mega-malls!

I admire the window displays and they welcome me in to an ambiance surrounded by pretty things. I enjoy the sights of colourful clothes on rows of racks, shelves stocked neatly with sweaters, jewellery arranged as a feast for the eyes, shoes that call out “buy me.” I am continually amazed at the designs and details that people create.


When I saw this black and white polka dot tunic (made in Canada) it looked like it was designed for me! Lace and ruffles, perfect over my capri leggings.

polka dot tunic 1My red sunglasses, bracelet-watch and new red sandals add the pop of colour.

polka dot tunic 2I recently bought these capri leggings, I like the silver button detail.

back of tunic

Pretty jewellery …

A nice stroll to a sidewalk restaurant for a healthy vegetable salad …

polka dot tunic 4I prefer outdoor shopping in good weather because I like to sit outside.

Country Food Co.

Do you do shopping therapy?


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Pajama Pants in Public

I’ve seen a lot of young girls (as well as women) wearing pajama pants, in the middle of winter! The ones I’ve seen are frumpy flannel and too juvenile for me. It looks like they just got out of bed and were too lazy to get dressed, which is most likely the case.

However, I love the comfort of pajama pants, as long as they are stylish. There’s something comfortable about soft, loose-fitting, elastic waist pajama pants and lounge-wear that I can relax at home, have guests for coffee in the mornings, host ladies’ afternoon tea parties and also be able to leave the house still in my jammies!

My favourite real pajama pants bought in a lingerie shop (luxuriously soft cotton, black and white pinstripe) that I wear to entertain and if I throw on my shirt and some pearls, I’m all set to go out.

pajama pants

I bought these soft cotton pajama-style pants (just as comfortable as real pajamas) at Smart Set recently and wear them with slippers. I dress them up with my black peplum top …

pants with black topor my new white blouse. I’m getting so much wear out of this blouse, my favourite top this summer.

pants with white blouse

 Pseudo pajama pants from Bebenoir in Harlem, NYC, that I wear with black or white tops and red shoes for a pop of colour.

pants with black top

 Do you ever wear pajamas in public?


Patti’s party is where all the fashionistas are!!

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Badlands – an adventurous day trip

It’s a wonderful world and we don’t have to go far to enjoy it!

There are so many interesting places to go in Southern Ontario for taking fantastic day trips, such as …

The Badlands, an adventurous place near Toronto that looks like you’re on another planet: huge, rolling terracotta clay hills and valleys, perfect for young explorers like my grandchildren!

Badlands 2013Ever since we discovered the Ontario Badlands, we make sure to go every summer especially when we have visitors.

badlandsI’m wearing a top I got at a Spanner Warehouse sale.

Spanner topA touch of matchy-matchy, I added flower accessories: earrings, pendant, belt and purse.

flower accessories


If you live in Southern Ontario or ever come for a visit to Ontario, Canada, be sure to check it out.


First time at the Badlands with Jean 2007

Do you have any interesting places you like to go to for a day trip?


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Day trip to see Les Miserables

ticketDunfield Theatre is just a short drive from where I live, and a great day trip if you’re an hour or two away from Cambridge, Ontario. The Grand Opening was March 2013.  A dear friend gifted me with a ticket and I went with some friends yesterday to see Les Miserables for the first time. (I’ve seen the movie staring Liam Neeson.)

Click the ticket!

All tickets are $40. plus tax. Free parking. Perfect view of the stage from any seat. A superb performance and you have till August 2 to see Les Miserables! You will not be disappointed!

Come early and enjoy browsing through Southworks Antique Mall (I’ll be posting some photos, so check back later) right next door.

I wore my new sundress: one of a kind, made by a local seamstress.


Ruffled black lace straps and trim on the hem.

sundresssundressThe unique print looks like an old mail order catalog.

sundress back

My metal butterfly necklace is made to look like black lace and I added another bracelet which has a ring attached to it. I have a matching necklace and earrings but I like this butterfly better with this dress. My small flower purse is perfect for the theatre: ticket, tissue, mints, lipstick and keys. I can travel light when I go to a dance, theatre or the movies. Cameras and cell phones are not allowed to be used anyway.

Call me as old-fashioned as my dress, but my cell phone is not attached to my hand as I see so many people.

necklace and bracelet

Goes great with my black strappy stilettos and I’m on my way to the play!


The play was excellent and the actors were magnificent! I’m so impressed with their talent!

Have you seen any plays lately or do you prefer movies?

Have a fabulous week!




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